SMSF Audits

SMSF Auditing Specialists

The ATO is committed to an on-going program of auditing SMSFs who have not engaged an independent auditor.

If you are currently auditing and preparing your client’s superfund financial statements, it is only a matter of time before the ATO targets them for an audit.

All the major Accountancy bodies require accountants to be independent as stated in their professional code of conduct and audit guidance notes.

Reduce the likelihood of an ATO Audit and the cost of your PI insurance

An Independent Audit of your SMSF clients will:

  • Decrease the risk of an ATO audit
  • Not require you to recruit and up-skill staff
  • Decrease your P.I. Insurance premiums
  • Ensure your clients will receive a professional and experienced service
  • Free up your staff to address your on-going business needs

Our Services include:

  • Full financial and compliance audit reflecting new legislative requirements
  • Turnaround time of 15 working days*
  • Visiting your practice to discuss our services or to conduct the audit**

*providing there are no contraventions – we advise you of issues and potential delays promptly

**restricted to Perth metro area, but individual arrangements can be made

Our Fees

Our fees are fixed based on the amount of work to be completed. We are extremely competitive on our price quotations. Contact us to receive a no obligation fee estimate.

Our Processes

  • Download our SMSF Audit kit or contact us by telephone, email or fax to discuss any matter
  • Online capability to receive information by mail, fax or email through via a secure area on our website*
  • On receiving your order we send engagement & trustee representation letters to you by email / post
  • We contact your previous auditor to obtain ethical clearance to work with you
  • We contact you to discuss any contraventions or to request additional information
  • Send a completed audit report, with client documentation and management letter to the trustee detailing the audit findings**

*normally we will accept scanned or photocopies providing the certification that they are true copies, signed and completed on the Audit Order form. We will confirm receipt with you.

**if an Auditor Contravention Report is required to be lodged with the ATO, the trustee will also receive a copy of the lodged form.

What you can expect from us

  • SMSF, Trust and non-profit organisation audits will be conducted by staff under the direct guidance of the principal, Jatin Cholera, FCCA, NIA (PNA).
  • We do not contact your clients at any stage. If we need to correspond with the trustees of the fund in relation to compliance breaches, we will request your assistance
  • Our service is offered for a fixed price
  • We will not request any work from your client. If your client approaches us, we will inform you immediately
  • Pragmatic approach to the audit. Actions taken by Triswan Associates will reflect the seriousness of the breach
  • We articulate clearly and strive to meet the highest professional standards at all times
  • Audit reports will be qualified based on materiality of the error or omission identified, or of a breach based on the relevant provisions of an Act or its accompanying regulations
  • Non-material breaches will be included in a management letter accompanying the audit report
  • Our dedicated team will assist you with all your auditing needs

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